Fee Schedule

LV Process & Investigations

7121 Eyebright St

Las Vegas, NV 89131

Phone: 702-592-3283

Fee Schedule

Process Service (Notary and Affidavit of service or Due Diligence is included in these services. Prices are per address.)

Local Serves 1st party (Las Vegas, N Las Vegas & Henderson)- $55.00

Local Serves Additional Party at Same Address – $35.00

Out of Town Serves 1st Party (Pahrump, Mesquite, Boulder City, etc…) – $100.00

Out of Town Additional Party at Same Address – $55.00

Rush Serves 1st Party, Local (within 48 hours) – $80.00

Rush Serves Additional Party Same Address, Local – $45.00

Rush Serves 1st Party Out of Town (within 48 hours) – $150.00

Rush Serves Additional Party Same Address Out of Town – $100.00

Service to Carson City and Reno – $80.00

We Serve in all States – Call for Quotes

Other Services

We will front witness fee checks on Subpoenas, DMV, SOS, ect… – Check Amount

Service through the Department of Motor Vehicles – $85.00

Notary – $5.00 per document

Skip Trace (to locate current address and/or phone number) – $45.00

Court Runs – Call for Quote